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Beart 411
Friesian Sire


Tsjalke 397
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Cornelis is a son of the incredible Jasper son, and WORLD GRAND CHAMPION, Beart 411. Beart has attained the coveted SPORT predicate for his accomplishments in upper level dressage and has passed these traits on to his fully papered son, Cornelis! 

Cornelis is an absolutely gorgeous imported Beart son. And his incredible pedigree doesn't stop there.... His mother is a STER mare by the ONE and ONLY, Tsjalke!!! Tsjalke is an outstanding Friesian stallion - one of the most POPULAR in Europe. His offspring tend to be "hot" but manageable that are often beautiful, and Cornelis is no exception. 

Cornelis has that perfect Beart long, elegant, look at me, upright neck set.  Great conformation. Short backed with an exotic chiseled head and great hair length. And BOY CAN HE MOVE!!! This boy struts his much so, that he was awarded a 1st Premie as a foal----- a designation ONLY given to those horses ranking in the tippy top 5 % of ALL friesians, for conformation and movement.  World Champion Beart's offspring are known for INCREDIBLE movement!!!:) When Cornelis moves... everyone watches. He definitely stands out in a crowd.

He has great bloodlines and is out of a tall STER mare. This is one hard to find, reasonably priced, IMPORTED FROM EUROPE, excellent STALLION CANDIDATE!!!! Cornelis has already been microchipped and registered. His birthday is Apr 26, 2008.
Cornelis has an incredibly strong hind end (which is exactly what Beart's are known for). We handle him daily and he has excellent basic ground manners. He has a good mind, and is showing his true jet black shiny coat. Tail up and very good extension when trotting! 


Beart X Tsjalke

LOW 1.76% in breeding

Comes from a HIGHLY productive stam line, stam line 25. This line has produced NUMEROUS approved stallions!!! So obviously this stallion has an OUTSTANDING pedigree, and the movement to go with it, making him an EXCELLENT STALLION CANDIDATE.

Cornelis was imported from Europe and is a rare 1st premie Friesian stallion with a reasonable price tag.

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