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Cointreau SPORT


Anton 343
Friesian Sire


Hearke Pref 254
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Cointreau SPORT is the horse EVERYONE dreams of....long flowing mane, BEAUTIFUL head, kind eye, and the coveted SPORT predicate, ONLY attained by scoring above 65% consistently,and repeatedly, in 3rd level dressage!!!

He has even started competing in Z2 level dressage in Europe!!!

He is training flying changes. He has had the same owner since he was a foal---this boy has NOT been tossed around.

We just had him xrayed, and he was 100%!!! He is 163 cm tall and his exceptionally long mane and forelock with take your breathe away.

Cointreau is a very sweet horse, not a spooky kind of horse that will take off with you. His previous owner went to all the competitions by herself, Cointreau is VERY easy to handle for an amateur.  Cointreau is also ridden side saddle--- so you KNOW he is easy to sit:)

He was just body clipped-- but don't be fooled, he is a jet black friesian. 

His show record combination number is 365679BH.

He currently has 13 points in Z1 dressage ( 3rd level without the changes).

He loves to work and to show. He always shows off and looks to say to the audience, "aren’t I beautiful?"!!! 

Even during the clinical veterinary exam, a well known horseman from Holland complimented him on his extraordinary canter.

In the photo with the show team, Cointreau (registered as Bareld) is the horse on the left side, in the front.

This fairytale gelding has been extensively shown in dressage competitions in Holland, and been quite successful! He has worked up through the levels with a  amateur rider, NOT a professional dressage trainer--further proving the HORSE'S ability (not the riders'), and has numerous points in Z level [3rd level] dressage, and is now showing Z2.

His gaits are superb and VERY smooth and easy to sit. This is a son of the dreamy looking Anton--the sire of our National Champion, Majestic.  Cointreau is truly an upper level dressage schoolmaster that you can learn from! He is so well behaved and easy to ride, whether you are perfecting your skills in a dressage lesson, or out on the trails. And it doesn't stop there...Cointreau is INCREDIBLE to look at, check out his incredible LONG hair!!! He is truly an exquisite mover for dressage. He moves very freely out of his shoulder. He travels very well, and behaves at shows, and is loads of fun, as he is quite the eye catcher:)

This Anton son is truly an exceptional long haired proven upper level dressage winner, and is great not only for trail rides, but is also highly educated in dressage, AND is consistently scoring above 65% in 3rd level competition! He is bombproof and very easy to ride. Cointreau's ability in dressage is indisputable. He is one of only a handful of friesians in the U.S. that have acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate!! 

We love his canter--it is a "10"!!! 

If you are looking for LONG hair, and a partner with an excellent charachter and temperament, Cointreau is for you. This breath-taking boy has an impeccable pedigree and stems from very good bloodline of friesian sport horses. And he has a thorough pre-purchase and clinical x-rays [all clean] and available for review with your vet. This beautiful horse is elastic, intelligent, hard working, and extremely athletic. He is one of the highest level dressage friesians on the market in the US, and certainly the most breath taking!!! Cointreau has a sweet personality, loves to work, loves being outside, and has the looks that would make him a stand out in parades, exhibitions, and shows. Want to have the most spectacular looking trail horse in the world?? Here he is!!

Bombproof definitely describes this boy, he is easy for a beginner. He has a gorgeous head, a kind eye, and a wonderful work ethic. He has loads of hock articulation and is really an elegant mover. You can see why this boy has excelled in dressage--he is built for perfection with uphill conformation.

We hope his new owner has a lot time to spend with him and gives him much attention and love, this boy DESERVES it!!

Cointreau Sport is set to arrive in Los Angeles on Feb 9th!

B-Day 4/23/2000

Stam Line 50-- the GOLD STANDARD!


Registered as Bareld van Stal Nuve

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