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Hermione MODEL


Fetse 349
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Wikke 404

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Only a few exceptionally fine mares are given the designation of Model. Model mares are so rare that there are only a handful in North America!

Purchasing this special, and now pregnant, MODEL mare will place you in a very select group in the United Sates, owning one of only a few MODEL mares in the US!!!! This is the kind of mare that the FPS will allow more than one embryo transfers from-- she is ranked in the TOP 1% of all friesian horses, for conformation and movement.

BSF is proud to present this amazing Model mare, Hermione ( registered as Tyarda)... she just arrived from Europe!

We had her thoroughly vetted and ultra sounded, and she is 100% healthy, sound, and in foal to the approved stallion, Wikke 404 , (See Vet declaration) and due the 26th of April, 2010!!!!

She was born Mar 30, 1998, became Model on the Age of 4 --- which is unheard of, due to her extremely good performance!

She was Reserve Grand Champion at the Central Mare Keuring in Leeuwarden.

Measures 166cm, which is 16.1 hands. Low 4.1 % in breeding.

B-Day Mar 30, 1998

Her breeding values  are out of sight--- with a 106 for "type" and 109 for "conformation/construction", and 103 for "trot"!

This isn't just one rare MODEL mare, Hermione is a proven incredible producer!!!!  Her offspring thus far include:

In 2003, she had a colt by Fabe

In 2004, she had a colt by Sape

In 2005, she had a filly by Sape

In 2006, she had a colt by Sape

In 2008, she had a filly by Jasper

In 2009, she had a filly by Olgert

This is a mare that gives he owner a high quality foal EVERY year, making her a valuable asset to any breeding program. She is easy to get pregnant, and has uncomplicated births.

Fetse X Leffert

This mare is awesome and an impressive mare to look at! Her dam needs 1 more star to be preferent and then she is a full paper Model mare. Pretty impressive pedigree, as she was presented to the judges MANY times, always receiving a 1st pemie, as an adult:

2000: 1st premie

2001: 1st premie

2002: 1st premie

2003: 1st premie

2005: 1st premie

She is under saddle and in harness but has never been shown competing as the breeders were just people that had their horses for pleasure.

She had a phenomenal IBOP test, scoring a "7" for her walk, and "8.2" for her floaty trot, and an "8" for her driving test, and a "7.5" for the sled pulling test!!!!!

Dam: Studbook (needs one more ster offspring to be Preferent) ; sire Leffert 306 Preferent

Grandmother is Ster by Oege 267 Preferent

Great Grandmother is Ster Pref by Hearke 254 Preferent

This exceptional Model Mare was Reserve Grand Champion of the Central Mare Keuring 2002 ( so Reserve World Champion !! ). She was recently body clipped, thus looks  a little "grey" in the photos, but as you can see in the keuring photos, she is truly a JET BLACK mare:)

She has a low in breeding co efficient:at 4.1%.

In order to produce the finest Friesian sport horses, one must start with the finest temperament, conformation and movement...both from the stallion and the mare. It only makes sense to start with the FINEST friesian mare you can buy...and you can't get any better than a MODEL mare, the equivalent to being an approved stallion in the female species.

Hermione is a 1st Premium Model mare with an outstanding pedigree. Her conformation is excellent, highlighted by long legs and brilliant flowing movement. She is a big, bold beautiful mare with a loving personality and superb temperament.

Always a 1st Premie, this Model mare has it all. Beauty, movement, height and she produces incredible offspring. We saw her 2 yr old filly by Jasper while in holland, and wow--- this mare is already over 15.3 hands at age 2, and is just one example of her exceptional offspring!

From one of the best producing stams in the history of Friesland, this drop dead gorgeous mare will make ANY breeding program proud.

The bonus is her Wikke foal, due in April!

A tremendous 2 for 1 value on an imported MODEL mare!!!

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