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Lolke 371
Friesian Sire


Jurjen 303
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Minne is an INCREDIBLE Friesian Gelding, who has the RARE and coveted SHOW experience, showing 1st/2nd Level Dressage in Europe. He is at the IDEAL age of 7 yrs old and he is a very talented dressage horse, and a wonderful carriage driving horse! This boy can flat MOVE!! Check out the videoclips of him. He is also a fairytale horse, with an unbelievable amount of hair.

Minne is a "honey", an in your pocket kind of horse. And he is very easy to handle, and it is hard to take your eyes OR hands off of him.....he is really an incredible specimen. He will adapt to a novice, but he is sooooo special, he was showing  perfect leg yields and travers with Barend last week in Europe, thus ambitious show riders will like him, too! He has the potential to go ALL THE WAY, and he likes to learn!

Jet-black, shiny coat, HANDSOME, and he has the looks of a WOW fairytale gelding coming right out of a dream...this horse will awe the crowds at parades, in exhibitions, and we want to show him under saddle ourselves! Minne was most recently used in exhibitions in sweden, and as a pairs driving horse.

Sired by Lollke and out of a Jurjen dam, Minne has an excellent pedigree and clean x-rays.

His birthday is 7/3/04.

He has an honest character, good manners, and stands over 168 cm tall.

Minne is a GREAT imported friesian gelding, who acts more like a black Labrador, than a HORSE. He is trained to ride and drive. He has lots of hair and is very elegant!!

AND he has the coveted , very hard to find, SHOW experience, competing in dressage at 1st/2nd level.

This special boy is scheduled to arrive from europe soon. Please let us know if you would prefer he fly into NY or Canada or Mexico, otherwise he is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles on Jan 10th!!

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