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Ritske BSF


Wobke 403
Friesian Sire


Reitse 272
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Beautiful 5 year old imported gelding M1 dressage with 9 points!!!

Ritske is a Wobke son, with an impeccable pedigree:


1st premie

162 cm tall (just under 16 hands)

B-day= 3/10/05

Registered as Ritske fan Unia-State

Ritske is VERY appropriate for beginners, or your grandma!

AND he is a stunning beauty. This M level gelding has enormous presence and a jet black coat! He has proven, quality movement and a show record most friesians only dream of: he has 9 winning points in M level dressage, PROVING that he is scoring above 60% in 2nd level tests.

Looking for a well trained gelding that is Mr. Cool, Calm and Confident, no matter what the setting?

Ritske is for YOU.

He is a safe horse for any level rider. He not only has extensive dressage show experience, moving up from Training Level, to First Level, to Second Level, and now training 3rd level movements; he also goes regularly out on trails.

He is an absolute sweetheart and will steal your heart, if you are not careful:)

Ritske is a very willing partner--- he is respectful and gentle and will do exactly what you ask of him.

He is also a cuddle bucket--- very personable and loves to socialize with people. He is truly well behaved and friendly under saddle. A joy to ride, and have in your barn.  He gets along VERY well with other horses in the pasture, and he goes out on long hacks by himself, without any difficulties.

KHNS combination number of Jessica and Ritske is 508724RK. They have 9 points in the M1 dressage.

Ritske is easy to control, even for a beginning rider, yet he is not a lazy friesian.

It is never easy for us to find the quality of this type of friesian......CLEAN x-rays, and a recent proven show record in 2nd level dressage with an amateur rider (last competition was Sept 5!).  We looked at literally hundreds of horses-- very few have what it takes to become a BSF friesian. And very few geldings sport a show record with 9  points in M Level dressage! Ritske was ONLY sold to us, due to health problems of his owner. His previous rider had him since he was a colt----so he has not been passed around a lot, and we are looking for a new forever home for this kind, willing dressage horse.

  Ritske is phenomenal, he is eager to learn, has a happy youthful temperament, and he loves to show off.  He is an eye-catcher,with an arched neck, very good use of hind quarters, and the desired movement required for Upper-Level Dressage.

Do not let this one go if you are looking for a Super Talented Dressage Friesian Gelding, competing, and winning, at 2nd level, and E-A-S-Y to ride!

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a recently crowned Word and National Champion.  Ritske just returned from the Friesan Grand Nationals  where he came home with two national championships!!!  Yes, that is right.  This boy was not even in this country one week, and he beat 12 other seasoned competitors, to take home the Dressage Hack National Championship!!!

Then he went on the win the world championship in huntseat pleasure for junior horses.

Ritske is a reasonably priced, one of a kind,  world and national champion dressage horse that is also FABULOUS out on the trail, taking care of a timid or novice rider.

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