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Olrik 383
Friesian Sire


Fabe 348
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

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This is one special, tall, long haired mare with a pedigree chock full of STER predicates!

We are very excited about her, this is by far one of THE most talented friesians we have EVER imported!!!!

She is a one of kind friesian that will be a REAL star, for her lucky new owner.

This is a horse we are very PROUD to own and show!!!!

She is a WOW. She has spectacular gaits and floating trot! Absolutely sound and scopey.

Rihanna is like the pop star she is named after---- an unbelievable HIT! Check out the videos of her extended trot above.

Flashy gaits and easy to sit. Hot without being spooky.  Forward off the aids, but very sensible. 

Talent for the upper levels!!!

This is a very special horse with strong FEI potential and the talent and presence for the show ring... not to mention the ability for return on investment, with future foals out of this STER mare with outstanding pedigree.

Pedigree: Rihanna is STER -her mother is STER-and grandmother is STER

Naturally forward and loves to work. Also great on trail.

Horse of a lifetime!

Registered as  Sietske fan 'e Seadwei

In Breeding a LOW 1.95%

B-day: 6/2/05

We just measured Rihanna and she is just under 17 hands!!!!! Tallest horse in our barn:)

 Rihanna stems from Stam line 8, the SAME line that produced the approved stallions  Sierk 326 and Maeije 440.

Rihanna walked away with numerous world and national championships titles to her credit, at the IFSHA Grand Nationals:

Received Highest Score in Training Level Test 4, with a 68%

National Champion Friesian English Show Hack Junior Horse

National Champion Friesian Dressage Suitability Jr Horse

National Champion Friesian Dressage Suitability Open

World Champion Dressage Suitability Open

She could be winning for YOU! And what an amazing TALL Ster mare to start your breeding program with.

  Rihanna is sensible, good thinking, and NOT at all spooky.  You need not be an advanced rider to enjoy your time on top of this stallion looking mare.  Rihanna is just as good out on the trail, as she is in the show arena, and she loves long hacks, either by herself, or with other horses.  And she LOVES attention---- this is the MOST people oriented mare we have ever seen.  She is not at moody or temperamental, she ALWAYS wants to work, and she loves children. 

Rihanna is the princess of our barn, and Barend's favorite horse to ride!


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