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Anne 340
Friesian Sire


Frans 289
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: hands

Tymon is a yearling stallion sired by the approved stallion, Anne, who has the coveted SPORT predicate, signifying his  successful performance in upper level dressage. Anne is  permanently approved on offspring, and he is a drop dead gorgeous approved stallion and an excellent example of the FPS/FHANA desired sport horse appearance.

Tymon is a very nice, sweet young friesian stallion, combining athleticism, talent for dressage, and natural charisma.

Tymon’s dam’s sire is now deceased approved stallion, Frans. Frans is sired by the Preferent legend, Lammert. Frans was Prix St. George trained, and is the Friesian star of the Robert Vavra book, "Horses of the Sun", making him one of the more famous Friesians in the world.

This is an exceptional Anne X Frans stallion with a birthdate: 3/5/09. This nice stallion is a WOW! He has a lovely character and is very easy to handle. He will be an exceptional sport horse. Tymon has a long slender neck and long legs. His gaits are free and easy. He has a kind expression and a pleasant personality. And this boy is REASONABLY priced! This is a BIG boy--and he is only a yearling:).... meaning, Tymon is going to be one TALL stallion. He has the most precious chiseled face and head. He literally floats when he trots. He is fun and there is never a dull moment with Tymon, and his best buddy and half brother, Damian. They are very much the characters when frolicking together in our pasture. Tymon thinks he is mighty, and he IS. He is easy to handle and will be the type of horse that will like to work. He would be an excellent high school horse, easy to trick train, because of his intelligence. He has athletic with nice movements. Tymon already has quite a bit of mane for his age, and just look at those poodle like feathers. And he is from the highly desirable stam line 103, a VERY productive line that has produced quite a few of the best approved stallions ever...

Hotse 223

Liekele 364

Jelte 365

Tsjitse 387

Teade 392

Tonis 393

Botte 414

Arjen 417

Michiel 442

Here is your chance to buy a reasonably priced young stallion with an excellent future! Born Mar 5, 2009, registered as Frans DSR, with an exceptionally LOW in breeding co-efficient of 0.2 %!!! Tymon is your man.

Photos by Anna Ryslinge

Photos can be purchased at www.darkbayphotography.zenfolio.com/blacksterlingfriesians

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