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Onne 376
Friesian Sire


Olof 315
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Jalliena is now 163 cm TALL and is an outstanding full pedigree studbook mare, who we think has an excellent chance at making STER here in the U.S.

She just had a colt sired by the "hot new man" and  approved stallion in Europe, Maurits 437!!! She is from a "full papered" pedigree of many generations of star.

The strongest point of Maurits is the strong use of his hind leg. Maurits is from stam line 50.  At the stallion show in 2010, Maurits made a very strong impression. The jury said the following words of praise: "Maurits 437 is a stallion with great front and a beautiful topline. He is VERY strong in the trot.  75% of his foals achieve a first or a second premium! His offspring have great conformation  with  long front legs and they have great length in the neck."

Jalliena's colt by Maurits was born on May 13, 2010!!!  Check out cute little Indigo:)

Jallie is the daughter of  World Champion, Onne 376. Onne  has made a name in both sport and breeding. He was the winning competition harness horse of Friesian blood in 2003, Dutch champion breeding harness stallion of Friesian blood in 2004 and 2005, and  Dutch champion  harness horse in 2005, Dutch champion four-in hand harness horse in 2005 and Dutch champion  unicorn harness horses in 2005.

Onne 376 is the sire of many champions, and Jallie is no exception.

This lovely young mare is truly a GREAT ride and drive mare. She has a  fantastic attitude towards work. Her walk is spacious and clean. Her trot is active and strong with very good use of her hind legs. Her gaits are very strong and pure when being ridden OR driven. Measured at 160 cm last year, Jalliena is now a full 16 hands, AND is still growing.  Her mother's sire is Olof.

Of all the mares we have imported, none can compare in coat color to Jalliena, who has one of the deepest blue black coats of all. Hers' does not fade in summer, no matter how hot the summer. This unfading coat is something that one has to witness to believe, as ordinarily most black horses will fade if they receive enough of a beating from sun and sweat. Jalliena's coat color is a unique quality of this easy going, easy to ride mare.

Jallie is a joy to ride or to drive, as she is very soft mouthed, responsive, forward, yet gentle. This is one NICE all around family/pleasure/trail/dressage horse---she is that easy for ANYONE to ride:)  And she is the most easy going, gentle mommas' we have ever seen.  She allows strangers to go in her stall and give her cute colt, Indigo, some love, without so much as putting an ear back! She really has a WONDERFUL temperament-----one of the BEST we have ever seen on a mare!!!

And she is sweet, sweet, sweet--- a very kind, willing, tolerant friesian mare.

As you can see, her family tree has many very excellent horses in it, as well.


This gal is now just a hair under 16.0 hands!!! If she makes steer at the keuring in sept (and we think she WILL), she will be a full pedigree ster mare.

B-Day 6/8/2006.  In breeding outstandingly low at 4.30%, 

Stam 15 which is the SAME line that produced the Approved stallions:

Ygram 240

Meindert 263

Gaije 295

Adel 357

Lolke 371

Tsjalke 397

Sjerp 446  and  Pier 448

$22,900 without the colt by her side--sired  by Maurits 437, or $29,900 with her colt, Indigo,  by her side.

Or buy the stunning stud colt,  Indigo, separately for just $9900.

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