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Sytse 385
Friesian Sire


Jildert 299
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Hilo is an extremely sweet and gentle gelding. He is currently 7 yrs old-----will be 8 years old this year. The previous owner had Hilo since he was a foal, and showered him with love and attention. 

He was driven in a lot of weddings with beautiful wagons, and the previous owner used Hilo for dressage,  and they own a riding school,so Hilo was accustomed to novice/beginner riders on his back.

Hilo is M-level dressage with points ---meaning he scored ABOVE 65% at 2nd level, and PROVED that he is actually that level by earning "winning points" in Europe. But the great thing is, Hilo was used at the same time for riding lessons, and helped teach new riders dressage! 

B-Day 4-30-2002

Excellent Pedigree, motherline: Vb-STER-STER-MODEL+PREF

1.56% Inbreeding

Hilo is a horse that can be used for everything (both riding AND driving) and is suitable for everyone because of his very good and steady temperament. He adjusts himself really well to meet his rider's level and needs. When the girl who rode him in dressage competitions was on his back, he was very  willing to work and learn, and step up to the plate, to be the BEST. She always came home with BLUE ribbons and top scores!!! And at the same time,  when Hilo was used for riding lessons he just did what he needed to do and was really forgiving if someone was bumping on his back....

He is a great babysitter for kids AND  forward moving and talented enough to score well against the warmbloods in 2nd level dressage!

When used in group kids lessons (taking a group of children for a ride outside), Hilo was always the leading horse. He is not afraid of anything.

He is well built and has a very nice small and friendly head.  Hilo is a little over 16 hands / 163 cm. He has never had any health problems, whatsoever.

In the picture of the driving pair, Hilo is on the left side (seen from the wagon) In the picture of the four in hand,  Hilo is on the left side in the back (seen from the wagon).

Hilo is a horse ANYONE/EVERYONE can ride, with the  coveted experience showing in 2nd level competition [M level]. He is really a sweet, calm and bombproof boy, but not lazy. i rode him outside in traffic, and he doesn't care about anything; nothing spooks this boy. Big trucks and buses passed us....no problem! And if just learning dressage---Hilo is very uncomplicated partner! He is soft in his mouth, comes down with his head and goes on the bit by himself. He has a wonderful, smooth canter, and a VERY easy to sit trot.

This is a reasonably priced 2nd level gelding, a GREAT ride and drive horse, that has experience showing in 2nd level dressage, pulling a fancy carriage in  weddings, and teaching little kids to post in a riding school!

-photos by anna ryslinge of dark bay photography

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