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Wobke 403
Friesian Sire


Liekele 364
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

This young stallion was very well bred and raised with the utmost care and attention, and then imported.  Ytse sports a full pedigree chock full sters and preferents:


Reg# 200701798

Registered as Ytse fan de Bargeblom

b-Day 3/31/2007

low 3.32% in breeding

2nd premie as a foal

Ytse is a tremendous buy---but buy him soon, as his price will increase with training. Not only does he have an incredible pedigree ....Ytse would be an IDEAL DANCING HORSE. The quality of this stallion is evident in his very athletic build and his amazing disposition! Ytse is about to be started under saddle --- he is a joy to work with, and will progress quickly.

This young stallion is very trusting, calm and relaxed. He has no stallion manners/vices. He has a strong work ethic, ideal conformation, and beautiful movement, and is very suitable for competitive dressage AND is certainly worth using in a breeding program. He is still growing, already measuring 163 cm, and is very well put together.

Here is a VERY reasonably priced young imported Friesian stallion; that is already showing all the majestic, masculine beauty of the Friesian breed, and he sports an excellent FULL pedigree, and a disposition to die for, - and wonderful ground covering movement. This is one heck of a nice stallion candidate--take him for approval in sept! Ytse's stam line has some pretty famous Approved stallions to it's credit. 

He has a longstrided walk, elastic trot, and uphill canter, which will make him FUN and COMFORTABLE to ride. Ytse has ideal conformation and a super gentle, impeccable character. He has the highly coveted full pedigree and is therefore an outstanding stallion to try for approval, or use as a foundation sire in your breeding program..... and Wobke, Ytse's daddy, is known for passing on gorgeous long necks and fabulous builds. 

Look at the pictures above of this full pedigree 3 yr old stallion... He moves "electric" out of the shoulder with the ability to step high and forward. We have imported a lot of  stallions, and this imported boy moves  with the greatest charisma we have seen in a while! His willingness and ability for collection will make him an outstanding candidate for upper level dressage.

Buy him NOW, as his price will be increasing, and if not sold,--we will be taking this stallion candidate for approval at the Sept keuring!!

Ytse is a SUPER BUY that is sure to NOT last long....

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