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Onne 376
Friesian Sire


Brandus 345
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Tiede is a 4 yr old gelding by World Grand Champion, Onne. This is a very well built experienced gelding with a very nice head and neck (we LOVE his swan neck!!!). His shiny jet black coat is stunning. Tiede is a very kind horse to handle in the stable. He is calm and sweet, never bites or kicks.... no vices whatsoever. We LOVE his incredible movement! This is one nice sporthorse that scored VERY well at the Eurobottle competition, in holland, a show specifically for young friesian horses. AND Tiede is equally successful here in America---- finishing a week of competing in Del Mar as Dressage Suitability Grand Champion, besting horses twice his age!!!

Tiede is a horse that is never tired. He always wants to work:) NOT a lazy friesian. This stunning show stopping tall Onne Friesian gelding is an OUTSTANDING horse for both dressage AND/OR saddleseat, because he has such a great presence, and boy, can this fella MOVE! He turns heads wherever he goes, and he is QUITE MAJESTIC, as he stands 16.2 1/2 hands tall  (measured  169 cm by the vet on mar 17, 2010!) and is still growing. He has elastic fluid movement. His pedigree is SUPERB:


And he stems from stam line 143, the SAME line that produced the amazing approved stallions.... Fabe 348, Jelke 367, and Maiko 373!  

Tiede has impeccable ground manners and is a loving people-friendly boy. He is talented enough for an ambitious dressage or saddleseat rider, yet VERY WILLING, gentle, and kind hearted, and is experienced being ridden in different settings, even in traffic! He learns quickly and has a wonderful character. He is a kind soul with a fabulous disposition and positive training attitude. Tiede is a safe, sane and sound horse, with a world of potential. He can be ridden by most levels of riders in the arena or out on the trails. Tiede really WANTS and likes to work!!

His sire, Onne 376, has made a name in both sport and in the breeding world. Onne was the winning competition harness horse of all Friesians in 2003, at the Dutch champion  champion stallion in harness in 2004 and 2005, Dutch champion 4 in hand harness horse in 2005 and Dutch champion unicorn in 2005. Onne 376 was crowned World Grand Champion of all approved stallions and his offspring are known for their size and magnificent fronts, with excellent movement.

B-day 3/22/06

reg # 200600881

** He comes with a recent thorough pre-purchase exam.

Photos by Anna Ryslinge Photography, www.darkbayphotography.zenfolio.com/blacksterlingfriesians

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