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Folkert 353
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Jouke is 167 cm  (just shy of 16.2 hands TALL!) and is a young 7 years old, with extensive show wins,  in upper level dressage!

Very few friesians have Jouke's kind of credentials....

Not only has Jouke earned the SPORT predicate, bestowed ONLY on horses that have competed  and scored above 65% in 3rd level dressage consistently, but he also participated in the 70 day test for approved stallions!!!!! AND he was ranked in the tippy top 5% of all horses, earning a 1st premie at the keuring.

Jouke is really the eye-catcher of his stable in Holland (which is also home to several approved stallions!). When you look at Jouke, you will understand why you love the Friesian horse so much..... Jouke is big, has a long mane, a beautiful head and neck, and excellent movement, etc. He is a jaw dropper.

He is truly one of the NICEST dressage horses BSF has EVER offered!!! Grand Prix material. Not only was Jouke in the tippy top of all stallions, not just becoming STER, but very nearly becoming an Approved breeding stallion, he  has excelled in sport, beating warmbloods along the way. 

Talk about a very nice friesian to look at, your jaw will literally drop when you look at Jouke...... and his pedigree could NOT be better. Jouke is now a STER gelding with 6 points in Z level dressage, which is comparable to our 3rd level.

He has loads of personality! Jouke has a very good character and willingness to work for you, this is definitely not a lazy dressage horse!!!!!!! He is a joy to work with, he is very clever, one smart boy! All dressage movements from Z1  are no problem for him: shoulder in, haunches in, half pass, rein back, simple changes, turn around the haunches, medium and extended trot and canter, counter canter, travers, revers, half pass ..........flying changes are going well.  Jouke has the rare and highly coveted SPORT predicate, which is PROOF that he is scoring above 65% in 3rd level competition.

He was X -rayed at Univ Utrecht and was required to be good on x-rays, in order to participate in the 70 day test.  We also had a thorough vetcheck with flexions done on mar 15, 2010, and he is 100 % healthy and sound!  See a copy of his vetcheck and papers on his 2nd page of photos.

This is an exceptional son of Word Grand Champion, Folkert. Jouke is a 7 year old Friesian STER gelding that is competing, and has WINNING points in Z1 dressage. His pedigree couldn't be any is TEXTBOOK. 


Looking for a friesian with true FEI potential?  Jouke will get the job done.  His temperament is excellent, he is safe, sane, and very quiet, appropriate for an amateur,  talented enough for a professional. Jouke is also trained to drive, although he has primarily been used for dressage competitions, exhibitions, and trail rides in the past few years. He is SUCH A HONEY!! This is a RARE proven dressage winner, besting warm bloods, son of the very talented and long haired Folkert and dam is by the approved and Preferent stallion, Leffert, and what a wonderful, sweet, one of a kind personality he has. ....this boy is a winner.

Come see and ride him at our San Francisco Stable, Jouke STER WILL BE ARRIVING FROM EUROPE SOON!

b-day 4/22/03

1st premie!!!!!

Photos by Anna Ryslinge Photography

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