Twan Fan Boalsert - SOLD

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Twan Fan Boalsert


Beart 411
Friesian Sire


Teake 273
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Here is an imported Friesian Stallion; we call him Twan, but he is registered as Twan Fan Boalsert. Twan  exhibits willingness, intelligence and elegance.  Oh, and pedigree????....Twan has direct champion lineage!!!!!

Sire: Beart 411 and

Grandsire: Jasper 366!

This is one heck of a nice stallion candidate!


Beart 411 originates from one of the finest breeding lines in the Netherlands--by arguably one of the BEST friesian stallions EVER (and currently competing at Prix St George level dressage),Jasper SPORT, out of a damline with seven preferent breeding mares in line. Four of them are also model. Beart is an elegant, modern type TALL (17 hands) stallion. He received a 1st premium at the stallion competition and an "8" for his trot in harness and an "8.3" in his show test under saddle! Beart's sire, Jasper ,a former champion of the stallion competition, is remarkable as well, as a TOP level dressage competitor AND in harness. Setske F (ster-pref), Beart's dam  who is 16. 3 hands), produced a total of eight offspring, who all achieved the "ster" predicate and preferent. Setske is a performance horse herself competing in M2 dressage and was three times reserve champion "best riding horse" at the central show. She is the daughter of Feitse (pref). The mother of Setske is the model mare Kingke.  Every year Beart delivers a high percentage first premium foals; Twan is a true son of Beart, inheriting his flashy good looks, outstanding temperament, and  impeccable movement, not to mention incredible pedigree.

Imported from the Netherlands and out of the best dressage lineages, Twan is a very reasonably priced stunning stallion.  Check him out---He truly has the inherent looks, appeal, and the classic movement of his champion grandsire and sire.

He is quite a clown--- full of personality --He plays with his food dish everyday, after eating he likes to run around with it in his mouth throwing it, jumping over it, and sliding it out of his stall between the panels for his next feeding. Twan also likes the large plastic apples for horses hanging in his stall.... he plays with them until they are dented and then yanks them off the chain and plays with them until taken away. He adores those great big Parelli balls too.... if you kick it to him he kicks it back!  If left to play by himself he will entertain himself kicking them, picking it up and having a great time until he pounces on it and it pops. He loves to play with cones, as well, everything is a toy in Twan's world!  This boy has the BEST character, and is a joy to work. We are currently riding him dressage 4 days per week

He loves people and loves to show off when he has an audience. He's very easy to catch ---Twan trots right up to us when he see's us coming.  Twan is by far one of  the easiest to handle stallions we have ever offered.

Looking for a foundation stallion for your breeding program? Twan's been bred to 7 mares, and  6 were in foal after the first breeding!!!  Twan will get the job done, without any fuss, should you decide that you would also like to do some breeding.

He's been started under saddle by a pro, and is doing very well. Twan was started under saddle last summer, and is such a quick learner---he excels in sport and dressage riders will love his tact and rhythm.

This boy will get you noticed. AND he is a GREAT BUY!!!!!

Twan is an imported 4 yr old  breathtaking  Friesian stallion sired by world champion, Beart 411 and his grandsire is World Dressage Champion. Jasper 366.

Currently Twan is 15.3 hands and still growing. Own this boy and let him take you to the top in dressage, use for your breeding program, or enjoy this STUNNING friesian on pleasure rides and trails.  He is one flashy mover---it is hard to take your eyes off him, when he prances. 

Twan is priced for a quick sale, and his price will be going up with additional training. Price is Firm.

Don't miss this  high quality boy!!!! B-day 5/5/2006

In breeding a LOW 1.17%

Reg # 200602937

WOW this stallion is incredible.

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