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Fabe 348
Friesian Sire


Foppe 290
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

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His name is Jort van 't Spoorzicht, and he is one NICE sporthorse by Fabe x Foppe.

Jort is not only a very sweet and easy to ride 7 year old gelding, he is showing Z2 level (see photos above of Jort competing at a z2 level competition in holland), which is comparable to our 3rd- 4th level, with flying changes! Our friend, Wendy, has done a fantastic job of training and competing with Jort at Z2 level----we have loved EVERY sporthorse Wendy has trained. She brings young dressage horses along slowly and methodically, making sure the basics are covered, before the upper level work is begun.

She says Jort is really soft in his mouth, forward going and well trained. His canter is very easy, and uphill. Jort is confirmed in half pass at trot, shoulder in, haunches in, and travers.... AND his flying changes are now confirmed!!!! He is absolutely very kind and sweet. Not a pushy or jumpy sporthorse! Overall, anyone that spends time with Jort remarks on what a nice horse he is to work with:)

Jort measures 16.1 hands. This is one very good looking, well built gelding with a nice long mane and tail. And for you dressage enthusiasts, Jort can be ridden by a novice rider. Wendy's 13 year old cousin also rides Jort--he is amateur friendly! He is also safe and well behaved in traffic and out on trails.

This is a RARE gelding with the SPORT predicate, and he is only 7 years old!!! How many 7 yr old SPORT friesian geldings are there in the US with winning points in Z2 dressage?  We can answer that... none! And very few friesians have earned the coveted SPORT predicate, which stands on Jort's papers, for his accomplishments in upper level dressage.

This sweet gelding comes with a thorough pre-purchase exam, and 22 xrays are available for review with your vet. 

This is a rare opportunity to own a beautiful and accomplished horse who is very nice to work with AND exceptionally sweet!  He is certainly not lazy, but Jort IS appropriate for less experienced riders. He is also double trained to drive.

Here is a highly elastic dressage horse. Jort shows lots of tact and rhythm in his performance. His canter is beautifully 'uphill', and Jort is EASY for all levels of riders....a push button horse that YOU can learn dressage from. Bred to be a winner and 1st premie as a foal, Jort is entirely uncomplicated. A very novice rider will feel quite comfortable riding him, inside and out, with no difficulties whatsoever. His relaxed personality made us fall in love with him, and if you are looking for a taller well trained friesian, and proven sporthorse----look no further.

Jort is your man.

Jort has won LOTS and LOTS of blue ribbons!!! !!

His combination number for his show record in Europe is: 413618JB

B-day 5/7/2003

1st premie as a foal

stam line 24

News flash!!!!!

Apr 10, Jort went to a competition in Z2 level and he won second place against the warmbloods and a winning point!!!!!


This is one winning upper level dressage schoolmaster:)

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