Warwick - SOLD

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Olof 315
Friesian Sire


Jillis 301
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Warwick is a dreamy 7 year old gelding by Olof x Jillis.

This is a RARE, hard to find M-level dressage (2nd level) friesian who has been shown successfully at 2nd-3rd level by two different riders. 

Warwick is now a little over 16.2 hands. He is a very sweet and gentle horse. Not a hothead or spooky kind of  friesian at all!  In his stable you can literally just sleep under him, he is THAT gentle!! 

He received a 1st premie at the keuring, and has an impeccable pedigree, with unbroken STER predicates through-out:


B-Day is 4/4/02 and Warwick has a low in breeding co -efficient of 2.34%

His registered name is Ivert.

Warwick has a very beautiful build, and his conformation is a little bit modern, with a very nice head and amazingly long mane. You cannot see the full length of his hair in the pictures---it is jaw dropping! His mane had been kept in a really tight braid, so it curled up a lot when we photographed him. But when you wash his mane and you don't braid it, and let it hang straight down...... it hangs below his knees!!

Warwick is safe in traffic, and truly a perfect horse for someone who wants to do dressage and go  trail riding, or  just wants to show off!!

He has clean x-rays and a recent pre-purchase exam.

This is a special, one of a kind forever friesian.

Warwick  has just arrived at our barn from Europe, and we are certain  the first person that takes him for a test ride will fall in love, and take him home!

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