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Tsjerk 328
Friesian Sire


Oege Preferent 267
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: hands

Tsjerk P X Oege P

Excellent Bloodlines!!!!!

Remember the young stallion we just sold, Winston?!? Selena is his FULL SISTER:) Great Temperament, Jet Black, will steal your heart, Selena is so very kind and gentle. She will be an excellent Dressage and trail horse. This is one athletic TALL girl, swan like neck, with loads of hair. Selena is already very responsive and has a great mind. She is only 9 months old and we can already see.....she has sooooooo much potential. Loves people very much.

This is a great buy on a FULL PEDIGREE FRIESIAN FILLY. Selena is out of a 1st premie ster mare, and she is going to be TALL... heck, she is already taller than most yearlings!!!! Look at Selena standing next to Dominic, above. Selena's dam is sensational, a 5 TIME--1st Premie Ster Mare, AND Provisional Model!!! (see Minke--on second page of photos above).

Her mother, Minke, is an Oege 267 (Preferent) X Dirk 298 and was declared 1st Premie Ster Mare in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Champion 1999, 2000, 2001 at her Keuring --1st Place Mare under saddle, Pomona 1999, 2000, 2001 --1st Place Mare under saddle, Ventura 1999.  Minke is out of a Ster mare by Dirk 298 and the mother's mother is a preferant ster mare out of Jochem 259 Pref. Her father is the Preferant Stallion Oege 267. Minke has a very outstanding pedigree! She has hair just like her father Oege 267 Pref. You can't get much better than this---Selena has 22 generations of STER or better on her pedigree.

Daughter of the Approved Stallion in Holland, Tsjerk--who is known for passing on phenomenal movement to his offspring. Tsjerk has the coveted SPORT predicate and the highly acclaimed Preferent title----he has sired numerous approved stallions, and is one of the MOST well respected approved stallions currently in Europe. Selena's dams' sire is the one and only, Oege--who also has the coveted Preferent title. Oege is known as the "hair man",  he nearly always passes on long long hair--and he is our favorite approved stallion of all time. Oege Pref is no longer living.

Selena is sound and in excellent health and imported from Europe. This filly is from magnificent bloodlines. She will be an excellent breeding mare. Selena is from a very fertile line, as you can see from her papers, and we are confident she will make ster, when she is three. Selena received a 2nd premie at her keuring in Europe, and we think she could have easily been a 1st premie---but she cantered the whole time:( It was pouring rain and she was soaking wet along with her mother, Minke, and she STILL rec'd a 2nnd premie at the keuring.

FULL PEDIGREE MARE: Ster-Ster+6 times Pref-Ster+9 times Pref-Ster+Pref [yep, that means her grandmother has had 6 ster offspring, and great grandmother had 9 ster offspring!!! This is one fertile line that is producing quality.]

Registration number 200902911

Inbreeding 3.32%

B-Day 4/23/09

Stam line 8. This is the SAME line that produced the approved stallions, Sierk 326 and Maeije 440.

Already registered (as Dryske Minke B.T.) and microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and worming.

This one will NOT last!

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