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wander 352
Friesian Sire


Tsjerk 328
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Sibald 380

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Ginger is by Wander (the stallion featured in the movie "Bedazzled" with Brandon Frazier), and she is out of a dam by Tsjerk and a grand dam by Oege Pref.

Ginger's bloodlines are a combination of three great stallions that are known to compliment one another in a pedigree. And, as one would expect of this combination of sires, Ginger is a great beauty with three long striding and powerful gaits. Ginger is more than full papered, and from the GOLD STANDARD of all stam lines, stam 50. This stam is sometimes referred to as "the winningest stam line" because there are more champions of keurings, champions of shows, model mares, and approved stallions from this stam line than from any other!

Ginger attended the Sonoma California keuring on September 29, 2007, and received the designation "studbook". She should attend a keuring again, as she is still growing and therefore we feel she will show her true quality better when she has filled in. We think she has a good chance to make the star designation then! She is currently in foal to Sibald for a foal expected in the Summer of 2010. An interesting thing about breeding to Sibald---he guarantees NO WHITE on his offspring, and will give you a full refund of the stud fee if your foal by Sibald has ANY white on it!  His genes carry an extra BLACK factor that must cover up or be dominant over any white that might be carried by a mare.

Wander x Tsjerk x Oege x Tjimme

 Ginger's grandmother is a Full Sister to Anton!
Ginger has a full brother who is ster. She is  a proven producer. She has had two foals, the first one being a  filly by Mintse who received a second premie
in 2008. This year she had a filly by Sibald. 
Great grand mother Iduna has 8 star daughters, 3 of them are pref and she is the mother of Anton. Grandmother Fiduna F has 6 ster daughters. Talk about a motherline that produces TOP TOP quality......

You can't beat the value of this 5 year old mare who was 1st premie as a filly, and has a full mare line from stam 50, and is currently in foal to Sibald!

She's trained to ride and has been used leisurely  on a  farm, and loves going on trails.  Ginger had not been ridden in many months (her filly was just weaned)  and last week  she was jumped on bareback, with just a halter and lead rope---no problem for Ginger! She is not a "hot" take offish kind of mare. Ginger doesn't mind if you bump along on her back, as beginners sometimes do.  She is very tolerant, and easy to ride english or western.

This is a very kind mare. She was measured at 16.1 hands at age 3 so she is a TALL mare!!

mare line: 

ster x ster pref x ster pref x ster pref

B-Day is May 8, 2004

3.12%  in Breeding

Reg # 200404471

This is a great buy on a proven brood mare that is in foal for 2010 to Sibald. Her 2008 Mintse filly   was 1 point away from 1st premie!!!  She is easy to breed ( gets pregnant on the first try every time) and easy to foal out.

And Ginger will give you a Sibald foal, due 7/21/2010!!!

Stam line 50 has the BEST track record of producing approved stallions. Look at this long list, all stam line 50 approved stallions:

fokke 217

tsjalling 235

walter 282

doeke 287

bartheld 292

jakob 302

thomas 327

warn 335

pilgram 336

anne 340

anton 343

brandus 345

jelle 368

otte 375

sape 381

rintse 386

time 398

Ymte 407

Beart 411

Beintse 418

Jorn 430

Loadewjk 431

Maurits 437




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