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Gradus 356
Friesian Sire


Hearke Pref 254
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description


Paris is a fabulous 2009 Friesian filly, with superb bloodlines and amazing gaits.

She is a beautiful girl, and has great potential to receive the Ster predicate when she is mature. Paris is out of a 1st Premie STER Mare, Loes, sired by the Preferent  approved stallion, Hearke, and whose motherline is loaded with STER predicates!

In fact, count them....she has 22 STER or better predicates on her papers--with not a single  dam  NOT being STER or better, anywhere on her pedigree!!!

This is a reasonably priced FULL PEDIGREE FILLY!!!!

Can't get  any better than Paris's motherline (she is a true blue blood:))


Paris would make an excellent horse for a serious breeder, and would also be a great riding/ driving and competition horse. She has supple and forward gaits, and will make a very comfortable horse for riding. She stems from a highly appreciated mareline. This sweet and affectionate filly is of the desired modern type, with 3 outstanding gaits that are light and off the ground. She has an excellent use of her hindlegs, and is a powerful yet elegant mover. Paris has been imprinted at birth, and is easy to handle.

She  is a DYNAMITE filly, and very reasonably priced. Mare lines loaded with predicates like in Paris's are hard to find. In particular, the Ster predicate shows the quality of the mares themselves and the consistency in Preferent predicates shows excellence in producing top quality offspring that is passed on from generation to generation in this mareline.

Paris comes from the BEST of the BEST, her momma is a 1st premie STER mare, a designation reserved for only the TOP 5% of all mares. Her  sire is Gradus. Gradus provides his offspring with a modern type, impressive gaits, and pretty faces. He is a beautiful stallion himself, and passes his qualities on to his offspring, very consistently, and his offspring are few and far between because his semen is not so good, so Gradus foals are RARE!  His sons and daughters have received numerous 1st premiums and many championships have been won by Gradus and Hearke Pref offspring.

We don’t think there is any doubt that Paris would have rec’d a 1st premie , had she attended a keuring.  She is a tall, leggy, elegant mover. If you are looking for a tall, 1st premie quality young mare, Paris is about  as close to perfect as you can get!

Paris’s mother, Loes fan it Reitfield, is a full sister to the approved stallion Atse.

Loes performed an incredible ABFP test in 1998. She received the  scores: walk 7.5,  trot 7.7, canter 7, riding test 7.5, driving test 7.5, pulling the sled 7.5, Stable behavior 8.5, willing to work 8!!!


Paris’s grandmother had 9 offspring, 1 of them became Model+Pref, 1  became an approved stallion,  3 were first premie ster daughters, and 2 of them are already Preferent and another ster daughter received a second premie.


Another full sister to Paris's mother is the Model+Pref mare, Zarina fan it Reitfield. She received 7 first premies (every year she went to the keuring)!!!!  In her IBOP test she scored 90 points with a 9 for her trot! She did this test in 1994 and it still belongs to the top IBOP tests 5 ever! She has also 6 daughters who made star, 2 of them received are first premies.

This filly has one GOOD pedigree!!!! And is a very reasonably priced TOP quality girl.

Paris is ready to steal your heart. And we already registered and microchipped Paris for you.

*** We have already taken care of registering and microchipping this filly for you!!***

Reg # 200904735

b-day 3/21/09

Registered as Fanny SR

Mare line 28

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