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Jurjen 303
Friesian Sire


Dirk 298
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Wilhem (Jurjen x Dirk) was born on the 14th of May 1999, and is 165 cm TALL.

Wilhelm – we call him, Wim – is an expressive gelding with a gorgeous long  mane that is approx. 140 cm long!!!! He also has an outstanding bushy full tail. When in the showring, Wim makes an imposing dressage horse that is a force to be reckoned with, AND is equally impressive when driven in front of a carriage:)

Wilhem has an honest character and is willing to work at all times. He is very well-behaved and easy to handle, even for a child. He is the most patient, forgiving friesian you will meet  who takes everything in stride and is patient with novices, be it the picking of the hooves or the LONG grooming sessions - he simply enjoys it all!

He is placid and peaceful when being attended by the horseshoer, and he loads and trailers like a charm.  When being mounted he stands riveted to the spot; Wim doesn't move a muscle, in order for his rider to climb aboard wiith ease.

Having received basic trick training lessons by the one and only Cor de Jong, Wim knows the spanish walk, kneeling, laying down and bowing. He has taken part in various shows/exhibitions.

 For dressage, he is going First/Second Level ( L Level in Germany)  AND he is a reliable partner in front of the carriage! He is experienced with one-horse, two-horse and four-horse driving.

Wim is currently being ridden  by a 12 year old who rides him for her dressage lessons and takes him out on frequent trail rides in the forest. Even with his small young rider, Wim  has been quite successful in the dressage arena, competing against primarily warmbloods!

For several years Wim was the experienced partner next to Timm V, a gorgeous long haired stallion sold to our friend and client, Micaela in Mass.  Together, Timm and Wim pulled a  two-horse carriage and Wim was also the lead horse  in a four-in -hand.

He was gelded only at the age of seven and never lost his stallion expression.

Wim has an impeccable pedigree full of  the coveted STER predicates.  His mother  is STER, grandmother  is STER, great grandmother is Vb and great great grandmother is STER.

Wilhelm comes with a thorough pre-purchase and clean x-rays, and is ready for his new forever home!

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