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Nanno 372
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Several You Tube videos available:

Great deal on a great Friesian! Cristof is an imported FHANA/FPS registered gelding. He has several years professional dressage training and showing and came in 4th in Utah for Training Level AA and 12th in the Nation  without even finishing the season. He has been trained with an emphasis on natural horsemanship, and goes english AND western. He has the big floaty trot the judges love and moves like a warmblood with straight knees (not high knee action) and has a lovely canter.

Cristof has loads of personality, loves trail riding and being out and about -he is a real show off!

He loves people and is always the favorite at the barn. He loads, clips, bathes, great for the vet and farrier and is fine with fly spray. 

Cristof is a mature, very reliable and easy to ride, Nanno gelding who is very good looking, has great movement and a friendly, gentle character. Cristof likes to work, learn, go new places, and is a forgiving horse with loads of experience in the show ring. No problem to ride him with other horses, and he is easy to handle on the ground, even for a teenager.

Cristof has many admirers when he goes down the street, due to his movement.

Cristof has considerable experience out on the trail and in numerous settings, and would make an excellent trail or pleasure riding companion. Cristof enjoys dressage as well, and has a significant amount of  competitive dressage show experience, and he is certainly appropriate for someone wanting to learn dressage. He has a very sweet character and is ALWAYS willing to work. He is ready to go ANYWHERE you would like to go, and you don't have to worry about spooking or spinning, or what he might be looking at, Cristof is a "been there, done that" mature gelding. He also enjoys long grooming sessions! He is GREAT with a young, inexperienced teenage rider.

He comes with  a  vet report and has no history of soundness of lameness issues.

This lovely gelding has a fabulous disposition, we like his wonderful attitude, as he enjoys his job and is a nice horse to have in the barn:)

Cristof is soon to arrive, and this special horse will go to an approved home only.

Cristof is the BEST trail horse in our barn--come try him yourself....... take him on a trail, by yourself, you will LOVE his quiet demeanor and willing nature.

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