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Nykle 309
Friesian Sire


Ygram 240
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hand

Videos---- copy and paste into your browser:

Tahari in an exhibition in Europe a few months ago, AND watch the rider longline (in a unicorn tandem)  a stallion from the back of Tahari, at the end of the video!!!


Tahari's incredible canter:


Lateral work:


Tahari is SOOOO easy to sit:


Tahari Trot Under Saddle:


This is a rare opportunity to own a TRUE fairytale friesian that is also a true dressage schoolmaster.  This incredible looking boy not only has hair to the ground---he is balanced in all three gaits---his natural  rhythm  at the trot and canter is the best we have ever seen on a friesan!

Tahari is one of those VERY rare friesians that has no problem doing flying changes ( hence he has shown up to Z2 level in Europe!). He has the talent for piaffe and passage--which is a big part of the Grand Prix.

This boy is really engaged behind--not all friesans are able to really come underneath themselves like Tahari.  And Tahari is not just a Champion against other Friesians, he was  crowned a National Dressage Champion of ALL horses, including warmbloods, at M Level---besting a field of literally hundreds of horses.

Want a horse YOU can enjoy, not just for your trainer ( ie: that upper level warmblood sitting in your barn)---Tahari has an easy temperament and is not at all spooky. He is more reliable than most "hot" upper level horses, and remains steady and calm--no matter where he is, be it in the show ring, or out on a trail, even tho he IS an upper level dressage horse.

He has outstanding overall conformation, and movement and a disposition to die for; if you are an amateur rider looking for one of the most amazing fairytale dressage horses in the world, Tahari is for you.

Tahari has a willing and calm temperament, and not one good gait---but THREE good gaits. He has an open free shoulder, not too much knee action.  And the proof is in the show record--this is one TALENTED sporthorse that is showing Z2 Dressage (4th Level), scoring above 60%, and has earned 5 winning points---which makes him eligible for the coveted SPORT predicate!

**  Wonderful character**

**3 VERY good gaits**

This is a horse that ALWAYS wants to work for you. Tahari is what friesian dreams are made of!

Comes with recent pre-purchase exam.

B- day 6/18/96

Registered as Master F.H.

Registration # 199632241

Nykle X Ygram

Dutch champion of Holland of all breeds in  M-dressage

Dutch Dressage Show Records:
Resultaten en klassering per dier
Koninklijke Nederlandse Hippische Sportfederatie
Subdiscipline Sporttype Pony categorie Hoogste klasse Hoogste stand Laatste deelname
Master F.h.
Dressuur paard BreedteSport Onbekend Klasse Z2 Z2+5


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