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Beart 411
Friesian Sire


Brandus 345
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Andries 415

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

For all of you looking for a mare that LOOKS like a stallion, yet has the dressage training of a gelding, you will LOVE this first  level dressage mare, Jadore. And she certainly has a strong pedigree, buy her SOON and  you can take advantage of her 2 for 1 value, as she will give you an Andries foal, due July 15th!

This striking girl was a family horse in her former home, used for dressage. She LOVES attention, is very affectionate, and a willing worker, never needs a whip! Easy riding ---very soft mouth, and has a solid dressage foundation and fantastic walk, trot, and canter.

Jadore is the daughter of the approved stallion, Beart, former WORLD GRAND CHAMPION BEART, who is located in Europe.

Beart 411 originates from one of the finest breeding lines in the Netherlands--by top stallion, Jasper, out of a damline with seven preferent  mares in line. Four of them are also model.  Beart's elegance and modern type is unmatched...Beart's sire, Jasper, is a former multi titled world champion of the stallion competition, and is a remarkable  riding horse harness horse and is one of the most popular, well respected approved stallions in europe.

Known for his impressive trot, Jasper has already sired four approved sons (Jisse 433, Haitse 427, Dries 421 and Beart 411) and he was only born in 1995! Jasper and son Beart have been named world champions in the past, and young Haitse shows similar promise. Jasper also has a proven record with producing female offspring - he has an amazing 50% lifetime ster rating on mares . And if all this is not enough, Jasper also is a high level dressage horse.

And this mare is in foal to Andries 415 Sport x Oltman 317 x Oege Preferent! Andries is a VERY well respected sporthorse in Europe, competing at Z2 level dressage ( 4th level).

Yes, she has it all. Very sweet, friendly and people-oriented. Jadore is  smooth and easy to ride. We love the way she is extremely willing to please her rider. She has 3 good gaits and is ideal for ANY level rider, even children. She is sound and has no health issues. Jadore is bold and a quick learner, and ideal for a person that has had an accident or bad experience on a horse before....because she will make you love riding again.

Starting a breeding program and needing a TALL , elegant foundation mare?  No problem, Jadore measures 16.1 3/4 hands, and has the movement of her grand daddy, the one and only JASPER! And she, is a fantastic dressage horse, so you just might want to venture into the showring with Jadore. She is a wonderful well trained mare at an ideal age of 5, she has a low 3.12% in -breeding, AND she has much experience in different settings and out on trails.

Jadore is a nice modern mare, pregnant from Andries, measures 166 cm and is a typical Beart mare with the incredible movement from his dad,  Jasper. This first level dressage mare is a halfsister of  Sikke fane HamereSikke was in the young stallions project where they raise dressage prospects from age 2.5 year,  and Sikke had a great ABFP test  (2 times 84 points). Then he was in the auction at  the stallion show last year and was  the best stallion. This past  summer he began his competitive dressage career, and he wins often.

Being a top dressage horse is in Jadore's genes!!

She has a recent pre-purchase exam.

Are you looking for a special one, a gorgeous and talented friesian, great 2 for 1 value, well here she is...JADORE!! And keep in mind, this girl is 9 1/2 months pregnant in most of the photos above, and look how well she still moves!

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