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Feike 395
Friesian Sire


Fede 350
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

 Here is Orpheus's video. Copy and paste into your browser.  The rider is 6'4"!


** Please note, Orpheus has since been castrated**

This  5 yr old TALL gelding was very well bred and raised with the utmost care and attention, and is one of our best horses out on the trail.

Orpheus has not been tried for STER, and certainly should be---he was ranked in the tippy TOP 5% of all  foals, earning the coveted and RARE 1st premie status!

Orpheus's daddy, Feike, has the SAME  Great Grandfather, Mark,  as the one and only ( and no longer living) approved stallion GOFFERT! And again on the dam's side, Feike's grandmother's daddy is the Approved stallion, Ritske. Ritske is ALSO Goffert's grandmother's daddy on his dam's side--thus Orpheus is  closely related!!

Very few approved Friesian stallions have been able to achieve the high status of competing at the Grand Prix level.  During his dressage career, Goffert achieved numerous Grand Prix scores over 60%.

Orpheus is a wonderful TALL 5 yr old gelding, related to Goffert on both his dam and sire's side,  that is excellent under saddle, for just $19,900!!!

We had this boy thoroughly vetted , and he was 100% healthy and sound, and the vet measured him at  16.3 hands TALL, and he is still growing!

The quality of this amazing friesian is evident in his very athletic build and his amazing disposition.

Orpheus is bred out of the tall and elegant mare Afke (an incredible Fede mare)

He has a solid dressage foundation ----we are amazed at how laid back and gentle this gentle giant can be when we handle him.  He is soooooo easy. A joy to work with. An excellent choice for kids or novices.

Orpheus is very trusting, calm and relaxed. We are impressed with his  strong work ethic, ideal conformation, and beautiful movement, and he is very suitable for competitive dressage AND for pleasure/trail riding.

He is still growing, this is going to be a 17 hand gelding.

He goes out on trail often and is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible horses in his nature and his courage, that we have ever known.  This is a magnificent animal!  Orpheus's previous owner says she can honestly say that there has never been a stronger bond or more affection for a horse in her life as the bond she had with Orpheus. He was only sold due to financial difficulties.

He is up to date on his vaccinations and worming. 

Orpheus is a VERY reasonably priced young registered Friesian that is  already showing all the majestic, masculine beauty of the Friesian breed, and he sports an  excellent pedigree  and a disposition to die for - already riding and driving.

Buy him now, before his price goes up, when we start showing him!!

1st Premie

B-Day is 6/23/04

2.15%  LOW in breeding

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