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Nero BSF


Feitse 293 PREF
Friesian Sire


Remmelt 323
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Video of Nero under saddle:

Nero is the kind of horse everyone likes to ride!  He is well trained, has show experience, is clean on x-rays, and is really a nice, sweet, safe, sane, sound gelding that wants to please.

Above are a few photos from a competition where he competed against other young Friesians, and Nero finished in the top 5 of ALL friesians at the competition!

He has always been healthy, has no vices, and is really a good thinking horse. Nero has winning points in B dressage (Training Level).  In fact, at his first competition,  he did so well he immediately earned two winning points. The girl who was riding Nero became pregnant, thus she had to quit riding, and we purchased Nero:)

If you are looking for a nice, jet black, easy to sit friesian gelding that is not so expensive,  and very well ridden, Nero is an excellent choice.  He is very calm at shows, and out on trails, and you won't find a more friendly horse anywhere.

Here is a GREAT buy on a proven dressage  gelding.  Nero is sired by the PREFERENT  Feitse, and he stands about 15.3 hands tall and is forward, yet has a quiet mind. 

This boy is  a fancy mover.  Easy off of your leg and has been in training for the majority of the last year with a wonderful classic dressage trainer in Europe. If you are looking for a horse that is ready to go for this  show season, here he is:)

Nero is beautiful, with just loads of potential to take you up the levels, and we are very impressed with his  big lofty floating gaits that are easy to sit.

He is going solid First level. We love his easy to sit trot, and WHAT A WONDERFUL ROCKING HORSE CANTER!!! Nero easily stretches on a long rein, knows leg yields, and does perfect 20 meter circles.

But what we like best about this truly gentle boy, is that he has SUCH a nice temperament--he is IDEAL for taking on trails, heading up into the hills, and just plain pleasure riding. This is truly a black labrador in horse form.

Nero has wonderful movement, is naturally forward, built uphill, very light on his feet and floats. He is very sweet, loves attention and has excellent manners. He is a FHANA registered  gelding at a great price, with clean x-rays. If you are looking for a reasonably priced, EASY to ride [and appropriate for a beginner] big, beautiful gelding, take a good look at this boy.

Even if you haven't ridden in 20 years and are flopping around a bit in the saddle, Nero will take care of you, and make you look GOOD, while you are learning to ride, or giving your muscles a refresher course.

Don't miss him, once he is gone, we won't be able to replace him for this price!

Feitse X Remmelt

B-day 3/29/04

LOW 1.95% in breeding

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