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Heinse 354
Friesian Sire


Hearke Pref 254
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Very beautiful.Very good character. Very soft and easy in his mouth.

Sired by the Dressage Superstar, and sadly now deceased, Heinse, and out of a mare by the legendary, and no longer living, Hearke Pref.

165 cm

Here is a horse for someone who is looking for an honest good looking horse, that is also PROVEN in upper level dressage.

Gorgeous LONG haired gelding that has the so sought after SHOW record with points in M2 dressage. Brando has 7 points in M2 level dressage, comparable to our 3rd level!!! This means this horse has consistently scored ABOVE 65% and moved up from training level, first level, second level, and now into third level. In Europe, a horse must accrue at least 10 points in each level, before moving to the next, and the only way to get a point is to actually DO what is required of that level, and do it well.

This M2 horse is beautiful. AND for a beginner, a very fine horse!!! A real friend.  A true Schoolmaster:)

Which means, folks, we aren't just SAYING this horse is 3rd level, his points PROVE it!!!

Brando is the kind of horse you can put a novice on, and teach them a canter pirouette or walk to canter departure, or half pass. Don't struggle with green horse-green rider syndrome, Brando has the knowledge base to teach YOU, and he has been doing just that in competitive dressage, with a young rider in the Netherlands.

CLEAN x-rays, Brando is a first class gelding at an ideal age, suitable for absolutely ANY level of rider due to his willing nature. And lots of experience in new settings, and on hacks or trail rides in new areas.

You will LOVE your time in the saddle on Brando...he is the kind of horse people FIGHT over to ride.

Here is what Brando's previous rider had to say about him...
I am Anouska, I have been riding Brando since he was 3 years old. He was born at our barn. When we went to a competition with Brando and his mother (he was a baby) he left the arena and decided to see the area on his own(he jumped out o the arena). He was a real showman and that is when he received  a first premie! He is a very cool guy. He prefers friesians to speak too, he does not have eyes for kwpn ( warmbloods)  or other sorts of horses. He is perfect to go on trails with. I rode him  in a parade , and he was super. Not spooky at all. He is not afraid of traffic, tractors, trucks, nothing scares him. I always give him a peppermint before riding. I spoiled him a lot….Now and then I won’t have any with me, you can see in his face that he is really offended. He has been  my best friend and I am sure he will be your best friend too."

1st Premie!!!!!


B-Day: 6/11/99

In breeding 3.90%

Registered as Watze van de Winette Hoeve

Thorough Pre-Purchase and X-rays available on cd rom, completed on Nov 20, 2008

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