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Jasper 366
Friesian Sire


Ids 300
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

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Ozzy Canter:


OZZY is a rare 1st premie star-gelding---only the tippy top 3-5% of all Friesian horses are awarded the highly coveted 1st premie designation, and Ozzy is one of them!!!

His father is the world renowned, and Multi World Title holder, Jasper 366. See "Ate" under "Our Friesians" and you will see our own Jasper offspring that we show successfully in the U.S., and  Ate has won 4 world and national championships with. (Ozzy's brother)

  Ozzy is 168 cm tall, which is just under 16.2 hands. He is beautiful AND he has 7 points in L2 level in dressage, winning First and Second nearly every time out, when competing against all other breeds. He has a long mane, forelock and very long thick tail. He is kind and easy to work with, and ideal for those getting back into riding---as he will show you the ropes. And Jasper's are hard to come by in this country!! Jasper's semen does not freeze, so if you want a Jasper, you have to IMPORT him. He is our favorite current living approved stallion, and here is why

Offspring Statistics

# of Studbook Mares: 98
# of Star Mares: 98
Star Percentage: 50%# of Model Mares: 2# of registered Geldings who didn't get star: 10# of registered Star Geldings: 25# of offspring who became Approved Stallions: 4
# of offspring who became Star Stallions: 40

Jasper has a VERY high Ster percentage AND Ozzy's daddy is currently competing at Dressage Level: Prix St.George !!! He also had 2 daughters who became Model in 2006.

Copy and paste into your browser the following link to see a video of Jasper 366 being ridden by Peter Spahn in a musical freestyle dressage performance, from the 2007 stallion show in Leeuwarden Friesland. January 12-13, 2007.


[The last three horse photos above are of Ozzy's daddy, Jasper 366]

Ozzy is one of his VERY talented sons. He is ready to compete in M1 level in April (Second Level). This boy has an exceptionally good and easy canter. And he comes with 22 recent x-rays and a thorough pre-purchase exam purchase. This is a real sweet boy and very good dressage partner, as well as a fun BEAUTIFUL gelding to take out on trails and pleasure rides.

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a FRIESIAN that is competing and winning, AND is a just an exceptional all around horse, and one of the best examples of the Friesian breed, exemplified by his 1st premie STER status.

Ozzy is a very elastic and supple mover. He has 3 great gaits, and is easy to get along with. This beautiful horse has potential to make YOU famous in the U.S.! or at least teach you how to look good:) He has a wonderful disposition and is easy to work with. Ozzy enjoys being around people, and is  long haired, and affectionate, and has a mind of gold. He is always willing to work hard for his rider, and is a gorgeous eye-catcher. This horse will surely get you noticed! He has been competing  in Europe and has the winning points to prove it. 

Ozzy earned an 8.5 for his TROT!
He is also trained to drive, and is VERY calm and easy to handle in traffic.

And he has a fantastic character, he is very sweet. He does not have any vices whatsoever.... Thus a novice ride can ride him just as easy on strange show grounds with a lot of other horses around him. Looking for a Friesian competing and scoring WELL in dressage, who has the ability to collect AND extend...at an ideal age of 5, with CLEAN x-rays and pre-purchase? Ozzy fits the bill, and we expect this 1st Premie Jasper Ster Gelding will go quickly, and whoever gets him is ONE LUCKY RIDER!

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