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Onne 376
Friesian Sire


Sjaard 320
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Copy and Paste into your browser this youtube video of Remy competng at last month's dressage show:

TALENTED  2nd level dressage  horse, Remy earned his STER status at the stallion show by nearly becoming an Approved stallion!

Needless to say, he is thus good on x-rays, and has a motherline chock full of STER predicates...


And a low in breeding co efficient of 3.32%. Remy is ALSO  well trained to drive!!!

Remy is a 6 year old Fresian gelding imported from Europe. He is a lovely mover! Showing First level and training Second level. His canter has the ability to sit and carry, and his trot has the ability to extend. He is very well balanced and easy to sit, and easy in the bridle. Remy is truly a modern, light type of Friesian with an outstanding character, and disposition. He is very sweet with a lovable personality. Here is a rare imported Friesian with show experience.  He has an excellent work ethic, and is not spooky. This boy is 100% sound, with  no vices whatsoever.

His birthday is 4/26/04 and  this  talented BIG boy measures 166 cm!!!

Remy is being readied to start competing at M level {2nd level}, after having shown successfully in Calif at First Level.

He is a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS full papered STER gelding. His sire is the approved FPS stallion Onne, an important Friesian stallion that  produces impressive offspring for both dressage and driving, and Remy is no exception.

Remy  has a nice thick mane and forelock, he is a super talented sporthorse, not only does he LIKE dressage, he is GOOD at it! He is not spooky at all, and has a great personality. He knows shoulder in, haunches in, turn around the haunches, counter canter, simple changes, rein back, training half pass in trot and canter, and he has a very good extended trot.

He is VERY nice looking, BIG, bold,  and as a 3 yr old he scored the HIGHEST in a riding and driving test. Not only is he double trained to Ride AND Drive, he was frequently is part of a 4 in hand team in Europe. He is very mellow in character and easy to ride, even a child can ride him.

He is one that you can honestly buy and just start enjoying right away!!!!

ONCE IN A probably the term that best describes this Friesian Dream STER Gelding.

Overall , Remy has a very laid back character with impeccably polite ground manners, but he likes to work, and this boy can MOVE! He sports a beautiful small head and lots of hair .....he is the picture perfect Dream Friesian!

Remy is also a perfect gentleman out on the trail or on long hacks, and wins the heart of everyone that rides him.

Photos by Anna Ryslinge Photography,

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