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Adel 357
Friesian Sire


Nykle 309
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 17.0 hands

Looking for a GENTLE GIANT???

This gelding is 172 cm, and he is a WINNER in dressage, with 13 points in L1 Dressage (First Level) and he is only being offered for sale because his rider is  pregnant.

Marq is scoring ABOVE 60% in his tests at the dressage competitions, and is accumulating winning points at every competition---which is PROOF this boy is well trained and suitable as a dressage mount for a amateur rider.

Dressage Show Record Combination #  is 494131JO

Marq is a social horse, he likes to play with the other horses in the pasture, and he gets along well with EVERYONE:)

He is always very happy and likes to show off---he truly IS an amazing mover!
When he is working, he is easy going and if his rider does something wrong,  he is also very forgiving.

In carriage driving, he also wants to work, and is eager to please.  Because he gets along so well with other horses,  you can put ANY horse with him in pair.

Not only is he a dressage champion, this 17 hand good looking gelding  is good on X-rays and sports the coveted STER predicate---which means the Dutch Judges also agree--he is one of the BEST for conformation and movement!!!

He is supple and fluid in all 3 gaits with a superior walk.  He moves well under himself with strong rear propulsion AND impressive style. EASY to sit:)

Marq STER is the total package:

TALL, elegant, modern, short backed, jet black coat, bountiful hair and feathers, with tippy ears and expressive eyes on a chiseled head.

We love Marq's character, as he truly epitomizes a "gentle giant".  He is gentle yet alert with an eagerness to please.

And not only is he a super dressage, pleasure and trail horse, he is ALSO well trained to drive!!!
He is experienced being driven as a single and in a pair--and is  wonderful on the road---even in heavy traffic.

Marq comes with a thorough pre-purchase and  clinical x-rays.

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