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Teade BSF


Teade 392
Friesian Sire


Fetse 349
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description


Exceptionally Fancy 4 yr old stallion with FULL PAPER!!

Born Jun 18, 2006, Teade is by the Approved stallion, Teade 392, and out of the 1st premie STER Preferent mare, Thea B, who is sired by Fetse 349. He is well built, BIG, spirited, has GREAT movement, is impressive, with lots of hair, and stems from stam line 2.

You HAVE to try Teade for Star. He is an absolute certainty. His brother made it last year.

He will make a National Champion - we can almost promise you...this horse is SPECIAL.

Teade has been trained as a "dancing horse" and is pretty spectacular under saddle, already showing a magnificent passage and piaffe!

Unbelievable mover. Wonderful hair, too. Wonderful vertical neck/head set. But hurry, otherwise we might keep him! (Teade x Fetse x Oege-P) 4 yr Stallion, Line 2 BIG Ground covering Mover- Tons of PRESENCE! Lots of Hair.

He has all the hair genes from his grandsire, Anton. Anton is out of Oege-pref, giver of Mega Hair.

Show Boy.

Great stallion manners.

dob: 6-18-2006;

Approved Stallions from Stam Line 2:

Murk 194

kasper 229

oege P 267

rients 270

wypke 277

dimer 285

meier 307

oeds 318

Nanning 374

Syste 385

tsjipke 399

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