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Ulke 338
Friesian Sire


Oege Preferent 267
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

****Note, i am REALLY JET BLACK in color, please mind my mousy grey color in these photos, i was just bodyclipped!!!****

MANY Times Champion of the Netherlands!!!

Proven Driving Champion in Europe and a PHENOMENAL SHOW HORSE here, in the U.S.… Competition? THIS BOY WIPES ‘EM OUT.

Marciano is a one of a kind GRAND CHAMPION, riding OR driving. This Ulke x Oege Pref gelding stands over 16.0 hands tall, and is a proven winner. He is a 12 year old friesian that has a mane reaching down past his shoulder!!!

Born 2/28/98, with outstanding papers--- Marciano’s motherline is impeccable. He was bred to be a champion---Marciano comes from one of the most prolific and famous stam lines, Stam Line 25. This is the same line as the approved stallions:

ulrig 204
jarich 226
tieme 230
wybren 236
ewoud 250
marko 262
markes 265
arent 283
falke 291
sibald 380
mintse 384
winand 425
Wisse 408
Hinne 427
Norbert 444

He has lots of show experience in harness. This charismatic boy is very well trained and driven in harness and is undefeated under saddle! Marciano is a real show horse. When he starts working, he will put his neck right up and looks out at the world, as if to say “I am HERE, LOOK AT ME!”. His trot has incredibly high natural knee action and Marciano has lots of “hang time”, as we call it. This boy has set the saddleseat world on fire---he has what it takes:)

This imported Friesian gelding is a well mannered horse, both riding AND driving. His Extensive Show Record is PROOF that he is special. This One is a WINNER.

Motherline: STER-STER-MODEL+PREF-MODEL+Pref +Prest

In Breeding 3.71%

2nd premie as a foal, never tried for ster.

Comes with a pre-purchase exam clinical x-rays completed when we imported him (see papers and pre-purchase and x-ray report in Marciano's photos above).

This is what Marciano's trainer has to say about him..."One in a million" ..."a 'Freak of Nature' - people's jaws drop when they see him. Ulco (Marciano) is one of a kind in my book... He gives you 110 % every time he goes in the ring .. I've shown him for the past 2 years he is undefeated under saddle in his division ... He also is one of New England's top halter horses...winning this years friesian champion of champions out of close to 30 other Friesians...I do drive him around the property and he loves it...Ulco is extremely healthy never taken a lame step; He would be an asset to any barn".

One of Marciano's absolute FAVORITE things to do is to go out on LONG trail rides in the adjoining vineyards of our property.  You won't find a sweeter, nicer, SMOOTHER, easier to ride, non spooky trail partner ANYWHERE.

This boy is an experienced champion.... he won everything in Holland for carriage driving and he is the ultimate pleasure horse!

We LOVE Marciano.  Watch for Janna showing , and trail riding , Marciano, until he finds his new forever home.

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