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For all of you looking for a mare that LOOKS like a stallion, yet has the dressage training of a gelding, you will LOVE this L level dressage mare, Beits. And she certainly has a strong pedigree, so you can ALWAYS take advantage of breeding her! Showing in L2 level [1st level] with 7 points, this registered friesian mare is a RARITY. This striking girl was a family horse in her former home, used for dressage. She LOVES attention, is very affectionate, and a willing worker, never needs a whip! Easy riding ---very soft mouth, and has a solid dressage foundation and fantastic walk, trot, and canter. Very sweet, friendly and people-oriented. Very smooth and easy to ride. Beits is extremely willing to please her rider. She has 3 good gaits and is ideal for ANY level rider, even children. She is sound and has no health issues. Beits is bold and a quick learner, and ideal for a person that has had an accident or bad experience on a horse before....because she will make you love riding again. We are enjoying riding Beits so much, we did not breed her this year, but considering her top notch pedigree, you might want to consider breeding this looker in the future! And she is a fantastic dressage horse, so you just might want to venture into the showring with Beits. Beits is a wonderful well trained mare at an ideal age of 4,she has a low 2.14% in -breeding, AND she has much experience in different settings and out on trails. She has a recent pre-purchase exam, and will not last long!

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