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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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ODIN - SOLD Friesian ODIN - Sold

Hi Janna!!!
2016 was an incredibly successful year for us! Our scores at First Level were as high as 78.889%, winning High Point Lower Level at the Woodside Dressage Show in May! Odin and I made our debut at Second Level in October, with limited warmup due to rain. He  stayed focused in the ring and won both Second Level classes! Odin is adored everywhere he goes - he has fans! He's the most trainable boy with the sweetest demeanor I've ever come across. He's good in every situation, and handles new places with ease.
Thank you so much for bringing this WONDERFUL boy to the U.S. so he can be enjoyed by all! -Tiffany


REGGIO - SOLD Friesian REGGIO - Sold Grats to Judi:)

All of the beautiful tack arrived yesterday it was Christmas in April!
So beautiful ! -Judi


YARIK - SOLD Friesian YARIK - Sold Headed to NC for Carl!!

He is here. He is in good condition. Love him. He is doing extremely well. He's loving all the attention of everyone, and everyone is amazed how friendly he is. Thanks Janna!!
Yarik is absolutely beautiful.
Thanks so much for your assistance with my new great looking horse. This cowboy is happy I have a new horse and can't wait to get back into the saddle. - Carl in N.C.


Guy - SOLD Friesian Guy - Sold Grats to Sarah in CO!

Hi Janna, Thank you for your time, patience with my questions, and assistance with making arrangements. He is really handsome. We will definitely keep you posted on adventures with Guy. I look forward to old age with Guy! And thank you so much for all the tips. You have been wonderful throughout this process.  We are truly excited and I know how blessed – and spoiled – I am to have this wonderful experience and opportunity. Guy is every bit as beautiful as we hoped for. Also, the haulers you and Wayne lined up were wonderful. Real horsemen, not just drivers. Thanks!
-Sarah in Denver


STERLING STER SPORT - SOLD Friesian STERLING STER SPORT  - Sold Grats to John in VT on his 5th Friesian:)

I'm over the moon! I can't believe how calm, outward-going, and sweet he is. He laid his head on my shoulder. I am just nuts about him. He is the dearest creature! He remains calm (on the surrounding trails) and is already trusting me. I've never seen a horse like him!
-John in Vermont and Palm Beach


Fendi BSF - SOLD Friesian Fendi BSF - Sold Grats to Ashley!!

Ever since I laid my eyes on Friesian horses, they have always been my dream horse! Janna was nothing but wonderful and truly has made my dream a reality! She found me my king Fendi 🐴 Thank you for being an awesome, honest and helpful person! Blacksterlingfriesians you're the best!!!!!!!! - Ashley


SOPHIE - SOLD Friesian SOPHIE - Sold Congrats to Monica in Canada!!

Thank you so much for all you help! I am one excited girl!!!

Thanks for sending the bridle and all your assistance and work to make this happen. Anymore excited and i will go into cardiac arrest!!!  thank you!

Hi Janna, Just sharing a couple of pics of Sophie and I. She is a real black beauty! I cannot thank you enough for making this happen for me. -Monica in Canada


Bartholamew - SOLD Friesian Bartholamew - Sold Congrats to Jackie in Colorado on her Amazing New Boy!!!:)

I bought me a horse!!! He is going to be the most loved, pampered and spoiled boy in the territory—lol. Thanks again for the flexibility, even though the timing was a bit off for me, so I could make my dream come true. So excited!!!  I cannot WAIT to meet him!
Thank you!

Just checking in and wanted to let you know we are absolutely loving Bartholomew (now call him Jedi). He is a very sweet boy. My daughter and I have been riding him with bitless bridles. Thanks so much! My Jedi is everything I could have hoped for. 

-Jackie in Colorado


Nanne - SOLD Friesian Nanne - Sold Congrats to Roberta, in New Mexico and CA, on this GORGEOUS young man:):)

Hey Janna. Thanks for everything yesterday. So excited about this new adventure. He seems like such a wonderfully calm and willing guy. And his movement is quite amazing. I may get a saddle from you as well, I definitely liked the feel of the saddles you sell, felt very centered and the quality was obviously high.

Hi Janna. Nanne is doing great. He's really settled into his new home and seems super happy.I've been working with him a lot and he's doing very well. Thanks for everything. He's a wonderful horse....I can tell he is going to be my horse of a lifetime -Roberta in CA and New Mexico


ROMEO BSF - SOLD Friesian ROMEO BSF - Sold Congrats to SUE in CO on Her 4th Friesian From Us-- we expect AMAZING things to come from this combination!!

Hi Janna,I want to thank you for finding me my three fantastic Friesians this past year.  I know I was very picky about what kind of horse I wanted and you managed to find all three for me without me having to go to Holland to see them!  They are all just what I wanted, young, naturally forward, willing to please, no shy, have extremely good canters, well balanced and beautiful.  Exactly what I was looking for.  You and your trainers worked very hard to find me my perfect horses and now I hope to keep them healthy and happy as I move them up the levels hopefully all the way to the Grand Prix.
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!! 
Sincerely, Sue in Colorado



Records 1 to 10 of 646

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