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Friesians For Sale

I will be attending the Las Estrellas de Valle  All Women's Trail Ride: Apr 29-May 2, without phone/internet capabilities. Please feel free to leave me a message and i will return your call as soon as i am back!

If we have a horse that you REALLY like, we STRONGLY recommend you place a deposit on him, as our Friesians last, on average, only 2-4 weeks once they arrive from Europe, and 85% are sold sight unseen. While deposits are non-refundable, they ARE applicable to any other Friesian of your choice, at any time. We are the largest importers of well trained Friesians in N. America, and if you take a look at our testimonials, you will see how happy our customers are with the horses they purchased from Black Sterling LLC. Feel free to call us anytime with questions on a We Accept Visa Master Card and American Expressparticular horse. We accept credit cards through PayPal (by making your payment to [email protected]); buyer is responsible for the 3% fee charged by PayPal for all credit card payments. Deposits are Non-Refundable

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Joy Boszorg

Friesians For Sale
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At Our Stable
5 Year Old Friesian STER Gelding
Haitse 425 x Krist 358
16.0 hands
Winning in 2nd Level Dressage, and phenomenal when riding on the beach or on trails!


Friesians For Sale
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Just Arrived
4 Year Old Friesian Gelding
Maurits 437 x Andries 415
16.3 hands
Showing 2nd Level (points in L2 Dressage!)
TALL, 16.2 hands
VERY Sweet horse, w/ lots of experience

Jayley STER

Friesians For Sale
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Arriving on May 03
5 Year Old Friesian STER Mare
Maurus 441 x Heinse 354
16.0 hands
FANTASTIC 2 for 1 Deal on an EXCITING FULL Pedigree Mare!
Will Give You a Foal by a stallion only available in Europe, in 2 months!


Friesians For Sale
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Arriving on May 25
5 Year Old Friesian Stallion
Anders 451 x
15.3 hands
5 year old stallion (could be gelded)
2nd level dressage,  perfect X- rays

Great collected canter! Extreme long thick mane!


Friesians For Sale
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Arriving on May 30
8 yrs old Year Old Friesian STER Stallion
Ielke 382 x Brandus 345
16.3 hands
Ielke x Brandus
Full paper WINNING at 4th Level!!!
Completed the 70 day test and NEARLY Became an APPROVED STALLION!!
CLEAN X-rays
Try For Approval in the US!!!!


Friesians For Sale
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4 Year Old Friesian STER Gelding
DRIES 421 x Fabe 348
16.0 hands
STER Gelding with Amazing Presence!!!
And Pedigree TO DIE FOR

Friesians For SaleFriesians For Sale
We are members in good standing of the following organizations:
Friesian Horse Association of North America
Coastal California Friesian Club
California Dressage Society
United States Equestrian Federation
United States Dressage Federation
International Friesian Show Horse Association

Friesians For Sale

"A portion of all sales are donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation"

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