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Jakob 302
Friesian Sire


Jurjen 303
Friesian Dam's Sire

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Mistral (registered as Alex) is a drop dead GORGEOUS fairytale friesian----we castrated him for import, but he has retained his stallion like presence!!

He is a DREAM under saddle, listening and following the riders every cue, and he has a solid dressage foundation [First Level]. He has 3 VERY good gaits, and tracks up very well. We can't say enough things about this horse, he is a very good thinking, DOUBLE trained to ride AND drive, with a current pre-purchase.

163 CM ( 16 hands tall and STILL GROWING!!!)

Mistral  is trained to drive single, as a pair , and  in a four in hand.  See the amazing photos of  Mistral driving in a wedding in the Netherlands!!!!

Talk about fairytale!!!....

Ideal uphill conformation, LONG LONG thick hair, poodle like feathering, jet BLACK coat, and a good mind ----he WANTS to please. This boy is good thinking, and not spooky.  Want to head out on the trails by yourself, or in a group?  Not a problem for Mistral.  Trail horse extraordinaire.

Birthday 4/20/2008

Jacob x Jurjen

There are very few horses in the world like this gelding---Mistral is one of a kind.  Just look at the pictures---- he is a WOW!!!

Mistral is now at our sonoma wine country stable for you to come see and try!!!!!

Photos by Anna Ryslinge

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